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Step-by-Step to Tax Savings
The Process of Cost Segregation
[The "Difference" is in the DETAILS!!SM]
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COST SEGREGATION ADVISOR, LLC offers a straight-forward method that leads to a No Pressure / No Hype / No Risk evaluation process. Making this a painless process, in which ALL commercial property owners should evaluate to determine the potential. Finding out what Tax Savings you can achieve should be a basic part of your tax strategy.
The following is a step-by-step summary of what it take to obtain the Tax Savings from cost segregation:

STEP1: FREE assessment of your property, based on basic client information, where we deliver -- IN
ADVANCE -- a written report that documents the Expected Benefits, an impressive Return-on-Investment
(ROI), along with our fixed fee cost. By providing the information upfront, before even a penny
is spent: making this a "Business Decision and not a Sales Pitch" SM  [ ]

Yes: If the numbers make sense for YOUR situation...move to STEP2
No: If the numbers DO NOT make sense for YOUR least you make an INFORMED decision!

STEP2: Schedule Site Visit and Collect client documentation (such as: invoices, AIA G702/G703
payments scheduled, depreciation schedule, construction budgets, architectural, mechanical, electrical
and structural plans, closing statement), reconcile cost, site plans renovations, or other changes.

STEP3: We provide a non-intrusive Site Inspection by a professional engineer of the client facility where
we capture photographs, validate measurements, hand drawn diagrams, and record audio of the
engineers inspection.
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STEP4: We then go back into our office and "crunch" the numbers compared to our site inspection,
documentation, and expertise utilizing approved cost estimation techniques -- including RS Means and
Marshall & Swift -- to determine the value of building components for all classifications: 5-year, 7-year,
15-year, 27.5-year or 39-year.

STEP5: We provide a Preliminary Draft of the report to review with the owner and/or their CPA to
ensure that the material prepared is consistent with how the business is managed and

STEP6: Deliver one of the finest and well documented studies in the industry -- a High Quality product
at a "compelling" price. That study includes all the supporting material to back the decisions made as a
part of the evaluation. Even including an transcribed notes from the audio during the engineers site visit
of the property. That along with the hundreds of photos, handwritten notes, and audio. These details
are key parts of why we will back our work -- at no additional labor cost -- in the unlikely event a client is
called upon for an audit and there are questions about our work.
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WHY US:  Our "Difference" is in the DETAILS!! SM