Cost Seg 101
[How Accelerated Depreciation and Benefits are Realized]
The table below provides an EXAMPLE of how a Commercial Property owner realizes benefits when utilizing the
accelerated depreciation (identified by an engineering based COST SEGREGATION ANALYSIS) because:
  --> the INCREASED depreciation lowers the overall taxable income
    --> the LOWER TAXABLE income, means lower taxes to be paid
      --> which means MORE MONEY stays in your pocket!!
  NOTE:  This example is to communicate the "CONCEPT" of benefits received via Accelerated Depreciation  
The assumptions below include:
  - Tax Rate of 40%  
  - The Cost Segregation Study identified 30% of real property to be reclassified to personal property,
  changing the asset life from 39 to 5, 7, or 15 years.

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NOTE:  a single IRS form (3115) is all that is required to realize these benefits
immediately.  No need for restatement or amending tax returns.